Graph a line with a slope of -2/5 that contains the point (-3,5)

Accepted Solution

[tex]y=-\frac{2}{5}x+\frac{19}{5}[/tex]Further explanation:We have to find the equation of the line first to graph the line.The general form of slope-intercept form of equation of line is:[tex]y=mx+b[/tex]Given[tex]m=-\frac{2}{5}[/tex]Putting the value of slope in the equation[tex]y=-\frac{2}{5}x+b[/tex]To find the value of b, putting the point (-3,5) in equation[tex]5=-\frac{2}{5}(-3)+b\\5=\frac{6}{5}+b\\5-\frac{6}{5}+b\\b=\frac{25-6}{5}\\b=\frac{19}{5}[/tex]Putting the values of b and m[tex]y=-\frac{2}{5}x+\frac{19}{5}[/tex]The graph is made by using online graphing tool Desmos.Keywords: Equation of line, graph of lineLearn more about graphs at:brainly.com/question/1557905brainly.com/question/1554024#LearnwithBrainly